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The online shopping cart is open. To shop go to and log in. If you need help with your username or password, send an email to

It will close Monday, Jan. 16 at noon. Distribution is Thursday, Jan. 19 at all our sites except Ames, which is on Friday, Jan. 20. We also have an alternative pick-up time from 10:30 to noon at our Franklin Avenue site on Saturday, Jan. 21.

Below are some updates from our producers. You can click here to see new products added since last cycle. Enjoy!


From Country View Dairy: “We’ve relisted our 12 packs and 4 packs of Raspberry Original Yogurt as we are now back in stock.”

From Lee’s Greens: “We have lowered our sweet potato prices and we have a good selection of salad greens. Get them before they’re gone.”

The Pet Bistro added free samples of their natural, whole-food dog food blends, a perfect chance to give them a try!

Clarion Sage Farm lowered the price on their garlic because of some green sprouting. Sprouted garlic is actually a living ‘super food’ with higher antioxidant levels than unsprouted garlic. Jenn writes: “Between the enhanced flavor and boosted nutritional value, maybe you’ll become a sprouted garlic convert!”

Country Roads Produce listed carrots from their high tunnel for a crisp sweet winter crop. They’ve also listed Swiss Chard, bunching onions, and two kinds of turnips.

Sunrise added pots of live herbs (Lime Basil, Red Opal Basil, Red Veined Sorrel) plus Pea Shoots and Radish Microgreens.

Yoke S Ranch has a sale ($6/lb) on their minute steaks from their Correinte beef herd.

Great River Maple lowered prices on their 8 oz Grade A Robust syrup (from $10.95 to $8.95) and their 32 oz Grade A Robust syrup (from $28.95 to $24.95). These darker syrups have richer full maple flavors because they come from later in the season.

Meadow Blazingstar Honey added a Pine Cone Fire Starter product, which are pine cones with beeswax-dipped cotton wicks dipped multiple times in their beeswax.