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Spring has arrived and we’ve got a huge selection of floral, herb, and vegetable transplants to prove it. And don’t forget your other essentials, from eggs to meats to dairy products to baked goods to pastas to …. the list goes on and on and on.

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Upcoming Events—put these on your calendar now!

  • Farm Cruise, Saturday April 25th, from 10a-4p. Tour four area farms and meet the farmers—all IFC producers! All the info is here.
  • Our annual IFC plant sale will be Saturday, May 9th, from 10a-2p at our Franklin space.


New items + specials:

Salamander Farms (Bondurant) added lots of new heirloom transplants including some really unique tomato and pepper varieties along with okra, Bok Choi, Chinese cabbage, kohlrabi, kale, and a couple of herbs.

Broadhorn Farm (West Des Moines) listed four new cuts from their Belted Galloway herd: chuck eye state (known as poor man’s ribeye), skirt steak, top blade steak, and rump roast.

Pickle Creek Herbal (Brighton) listed over 70 different certified organic transplants, including herbs (think “parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme”) and heirloom tomato, peppers, eggplant. Also new: Raspberry Lemongrass Balsamic Vinegar (which Jocelyn says “hits the tongue with a burst of sweet raspberry and finishes off with the tart brightness of lemon – perfect for spinach salads. I’ve been drinking it straight out of the bottle—I like it that much”). To read a powerful piece on their dog and the meaning of farming, click here.

From Lee’s Greens (Nevada): “We added a nice assortment of transplants, including black and red raspberries, rhubarb, herbs, and vegetables. We also have a nice selection of micro greens radishes, lemon basil, nasturtiums, peas, purple basil, red veined Sorel. We have flats of wheat, rye, and oats for animals and flats of wheatgrass for juicing.”

7 Pines Farm (Maxwell) listed hanging strawberry baskets, a wide selection of certified organic herb/veggie transplants, and several kinds of flower transplants to go along with their cream cheese spreads, butters, salsas/pickled jalapenos, and dip mixes.

Clarion Sage Farm (Adel) listed Minibel heirloom tomato plants (early maturing, compact plants, perfectly suited for growing in pots) and New Family Farm (Elkhart) listed a nice selection of herb, tomato, kale, and brussel sprout transplants.

Chris’ Custom Bakery (Ankeny) has cut-out sugar cookies in spring shapes as well as baseball!

Rosebud Botanicals (Afton) added new inventory of their mineral foundation makeup—handmade and without preservatives. They also have an option for ordering free samples if you aren’t sure what color you want. See the entire selection here.

Yoke S Ranch (Russell) has a sale on New York strip steak from their Corriente beef herd ($9.50/lb, down from $10/lb).

Maasdam Sorghum Mills (Lynnville) wants you to give their sorghum syrup products a try (an amazing ingredient for all kinds of cooking). They’ve added two cookbooks full of recipe ideas, 22 oz and 44 oz glass jars of sorghum syrup, and sorghum suckers (kids love them). They also added a history book that describes the importance of sorghum syrup and their family’s mill during Iowa’s development into a leading farming state.

Lucky George Farm (Derby) added a wide selection of goat meat products to go along with their soaps, pork, and rabbit products.

Kiowa House of Herbs (Searsboro) introduced several new items: quail eggs, plum jelly, fresh chives, and dried basil.