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We are in our winter schedule of three-week shopping cycles. Remember to to stock up! Having trouble keeping track of shopping cycles? Our 2015 calendar is available in a PDF (click to view).

Thank you to all who participated in our survey. Your time is greatly appreciated; we’ve made a summary of some of our findings for you to see here. And congrats to Connie Maxwell who won the $100 shopping credit!

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IFC producers have listed a wide selection of products such as winter greenhouse greens (lettuce, collard & mustard greens, spinach, swiss chard, kale, arugula) as well as cheese, milk, yogurt, meats, chicken, eggs, dry beans, apples, potatoes, winter squash, salsa, sauerkraut, olive oil, pasta, and sweet corn. Here’s some ideas for shopping this cycle:

Welcome back producers!

Threshing Floor (Dallas Center) is back from their break with a new product, cheddar whole wheat bread, made with whole grain Iowa flour + fresh cheddar cheese. Shop all their baked goods here.

Zaza’s Pasta (North Liberty) says “We’re back to work after our baby hiatus. 🙂 I’ve added a couple of new flavors of Orecchiette: Tomato-Basil and Garlic-Chive. Also, our fun spring flavor, ASPARAGUS, is back…available in Fettuccine shape!” Shop here and email congrats on their baby (Hugo) here!

Greene Bean Coffee (Jefferson) is back with an array of their signature coffees, all roasted in-house. Read about the farms their beans come from, and the taste profile of every roast and blend here.

Broadhorn Farm (West Des Moines) is back with their grass-fed beef from Belted Galloway cattle. Check out their packages and sales on beef bundles.

Audubon County Family Farms (Audubon) is back with eggs, frozen aronia berries, and pork spare ribs.

Sunset Ridge Family Farm (Waucoma) is back with their selection of specialty goat cheeses.

New Items!

Herbal Blis Soaps (Boone) listed two new soaps—coffee & cream scrubby bar and green tea tree soap, all handmade and free of fragrance and dyes.

Good Shepherd Grass Farms (Monroe) has their beef roasts on sale (10% off)! Shop and save now.

Wonderful Skin Care (Ames) added a couple new products to their natural skin product line—massage lotion in muscle relief or relaxation, and ‘Wonderful Mommy’ lotion in two scents. Browse the selection here.

Des Moines Bacon Co. (Adel) is now offering pork bellies for all the homemade bacon fans out there! This is a product that’s been sought after and we are pleased to have it available here!

Lucky George Farm (Derby) is offering goat shoulder + goat stew meat; check out their listing for recipes!

Yoke S Ranch (Russell) put their sirloin roast on sale for $6/lb.

Wild Rose Pastures (Ames) added grass-fed Beef Oxtail  and grass-fed Sirloin Lamb Chops.