Shopping Cart is Open; Experience the Winter Edition!

The Winter Edition (with fresh greens and much more)!


Nearly 1,200 different products listed; many new items.

We are back to our winter schedule of three-week shopping cycles. Given there will be an extra week between distributions, remember to to stock up!  Remember, our 2015 calendar is now available in a PDF (click to view).

Consumers, please fill out our Desired Products Survey (click here) —this is your chance to let producers know what you’d like to see offered this year!

Welcome Albia!

Thanks to IFC member Stacie Gibler, we now have a drop-off site on the square in Albia (about 65 miles SE of Des Moines). Thank you, Stacie!!!

Note: the online shopping cart is open and will close Sunday, Jan. 25th at midnight. Distribution is Thurs., Jan. 29th at our Osceola, Albia, and Des Moines area sites and Friday Jan. 30th in Ames. If you can’t make those times, our alternative pick up is Saturday Jan. 31st from 10:30 am to noon at our Franklin Avenue location.

To shop go to and log in. If you need help with your username or password, send an email to


IFC producers listed a wide selection of products such as greens (lettuce, spinach, kale, arugula), cheese, milk, yogurt, meats, chicken, eggs, dry beans, apples, potatoes, winter squash, salsa, sauerkraut, olive oil, pasta, and sweet corn. Here’s some ideas for shopping this cycle:

From Lee’s Greens (Nevada): “We have listed a nice selection of greens (lettuce, spinach, red and green kale, arugula) along with sweet baby turnips and potted herbs. We also have fresh wheat, rye, and oat grass flats that can be fed to small animals. Our chickens particularly like these.”

Threshing Floor (Dallas Center) has returned with their much-loved breads, rolls, and other baked goods. Check out their ‘Iowa’ whole wheat bread that uses organic red wheat grown by Early Morning Harvest. Welcome back!

Herbal Blis Soaps (Boone) listed two new soaps—rosemary and absinthe bar soaps; the absinthe uses a blend of anise, blood orange, gingergrass and French clay for a very unique bar.

Broadhorn Farm (Truro) added specials for Valentine’s Day: porterhouse, ribeye, top sirloin, and filet mignon. They’re also introducing two new products—flat iron steak and beef strips (for fajitas or stir-fry).

Lucky George Farm (Derby) added these new items: Pork Cutlets, Blade Steak, and Country Style Ribs from their Large Black hogs, plus “20 Acre Lotion Bars” and Pasture Raised Heritage Whole Chicken in small/large.

Yoke S Ranch (Russell) has ground beef patties from their Corriente herd on sale for $5.50/lb.

Overhome Farm (Waukee) listed popping corn, variety called ‘Dynamite’, it has a buttery flavor and comes in two pound bags. Perfect for a local, healthy snack.

The Kiowa House of Herbs (Searsboro) added several new items, including grasshopper pie (that uses WW Homestead Dairy’s mint ice cream!), raspberry tea, and potpies, some of which are vegetarian and many use Iowa vegetables.

WW Homestead Dairy (Waukon) has increased inventory in their farm fresh butter—get it while you can!

Chris’ Custom Bakery (Ankeny) updated their sugar cookie shapes; choose from winter, football, or Valentine’s hearts.

Agri-Cultured (Waukee) added two new items for those who like spice—ghost curry pickled vegetables and smoke’n ghost sauerkraut. Check out their new kombucha flavors too: aronia, raspberry, and strawberry.

Sunrise (Woodward) has Job’s Tears necklaces made with beads grown on a plant—check them out and pick up this unique Iowa gift.

Farm Baby Foods (Des Moines) listed many new baby food varieties and flavors. Absolutely nothing is added other than the produce listed… no salt, sugar, fillers or preservatives. Check out their selection of on-the-go pouches and 4-oz containers. Their on-the-go pouches are reusable and refillable!