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IFC Cart *Timing Change*, now opens Sunday at Noon!

IFC Community,

We have been exploring changing when the cart opens. Based on feedback, we are moving the cart open time to Sunday, July 7th at noon. The cart will still close at the usual Monday, July 15th at noon. Sunday is a busy shopping day for the IFC, and this change will allow our consumer members to shop every Sunday afternoon. 

Things to bear in mind with this change: 
Producer members will need to try and get their inventories adjusted prior to the new cart opening time. 
Consumer members may notice that their account may show a balance from the previous cycle as we may not have all of the previous cycle’s information finalized prior to the cart opening. You do not need to do anything about this, please be patient with us and feel free to email me directly with any concerns.

Thank you for your support and encouragement as we make this change. If you have any thoughts, comments, or concerns please reach out to me at and title your message CART TIMING. 

Happy Shopping,

Fresh greens, ground flour, wheatgrass…it’s March at the IFC!

The Iowa Food Cooperative – central Iowa’s year-round source for local food – has opened its shopping cart for the next cycle.

  • Cart Opens: March 8, 2012
  • Cart Closes: March 17, 2012
  • Pick-up:¬†March 22, 2012


Choose from over 880 different products from over 40 different Iowa producers.


    • Olson Family Farm is a new producer-owner from near Madrid that has listed extra large and jumbo brown eggs for the first time this cycle.
    • Wildwood Farms¬†added fresh salsa (it’s under Prepared Foods-Refrigerated/Frozen)

      Fresh Salsa - Medium Hot

    • Iowa Orchard added 1) frozen pies (in Desserts under Prepared Foods-Refrigerated/Frozen), 2) apple nut, peach, and blueberry coffee cake (in Cake under Baked Goods, 3) apple, cherry, and peach crisps (fresh in Crisps under Baked Goods, frozen in Desserts under Prepared Foods-Refrigerated/Frozen), and 4) dried fruits (in Prepared Foods/Non-Refrigerated).
    • Grandma’s Soap¬†added pastel & natural color spring egg baskets($7.00 each/3 eggs – just in time for Easter!)

      Soap - Spring Basket, Pastel Colors

    • Krieger Greenhouses is back this cycle with twelve different fresh bagged herbs,trays of live wheatgrass, and a selection of herb gardens.
    • SalAmander Farms added Marjoram and Sage herb transplants (both can take light frost after they are hardened off, or you can keep them in their plantable paper pots until your ready).
    • Hedgeapple Farm has split their business in two by moving their fiber products into a new producer identify, which is Hedgeapple Fiber Studio.
    • The Berry Patch added 4 to 8″ tall basil plants in 4.5″ pots (to put in your window for your own FRESH basil).
    • Early Morning Harvest added various ground grain and flour products (two-grain cereal, corn flour, corn grits, general purpose flour, wheat cereal), plus a bagged lettuce mix to go along with their lettuce bouquets.
    • Pure Native added Grain-Free Peanut Butter Cookies (“I’m getting rave reviews on these”) and Snickerdoodle Muffins.
    • Foxhollow Farmadded duck and goose eggs, plus heritage chicks (to be picked up at their farm near Elkhart) and fertilized heritage-breed eggs (for hatching at home).

      Heritage chicks and fertilized eggs


To shop use and type in your username and password to log in. If you need help with your username and password, please send an email to

About the cooperative –¬†

Shopping for March


When you open your cart, select your pick-up site (Merle Hay Mall, the Village of Ponderosa in WDM, First Family Church in Ankeny, or Prairie Rivers RC&D in Ames).

Note: Rather than offering an alternative pick-up time of 4-5 pm on the Saturday after distribution, we are now keeping business hours at our space at Merle Hay Mall. This means people with a conflict with the regular time should send an email to to arrange an alternative pick-up time.

The easiest ways to find specific types of products the “Products Sorted¬†by Category” button.

Send an email to if you have any questions or comments.

We are back in business!

The shopping cart is now open!

Shop until midnight on Sat., Feb. 25th, with delivery on Thursday, March 1st.

See below for updates from producers.

We’ve completed the move to our new space, which is just inside the south entrance to Merle Hay Mall near Younkers (there’s a big Kohls sign above the door). Note: we are going to a three-week delivery cycle until the growing season, and then delivery will be every other week until Thanksgiving. We’ll place a calendar with our new schedule on the website.

Several producers are taking a break: Krieger Greenhouses, Heavy Horses Farm, Live Now Rest Later, Twin Girls Gardens, Grinnell Heritage Farm, Hibbs Farms, Del Gloria Elk Products, and LaVentosa Ranch. Also, Jasper Winery decided to stop offering their products (you can still buy Iowa wine through the IFC from Rosey Acres). Katie with Jasper sent this note: “Thanks so much for the opportunity and good luck with the success of the coop!”.

  • Wildwood Farms is a new producer from Wellsburg. Operated by Lorna Martin, she’s listed 18 baking mixes, 3 soup mixes,3 types of granola bars, and 5 types of roasted nuts. Lorna writes: “We are excited to¬† join the IFC and share the products we love with a new group of local food fans.”
  • Two Rivers Honey is a new producer (operated by Denise & Kevin Kimsey) based just outside Pilot Mound that has four honey products listed (with more products to come).
  • Wagner Enterprises added 6 new baked goods items: cornbread muffins, chocolate and regular cheesecake, wet bottom shoo fly pie, baked apples, and old fashioned gingerbread.
  • Iowa Orchard added 3 new flavors of dried apple rings (regular, strawberry, honey cinnamon – find them in the apple category) and as 12 new gluten-free pies in two sizes.
  • Grandma’s Soap added Goat’s Milk Soap (local milk) and Castille/Olive Oil Soap.
  • The Berry Patch listed half pound bags of salad mix (red lettuce, broccoli, white and red kale, arugula) from their greenhouse.
  • Early Morning Harvest added corn meal and two types of wheat flour made from their certified organic crops.
  • Novae Vita Farm added various beef cuts from their grass-fed herd of Dexter cattle.
  • Daily Bread Bakery added¬†certified organic whole grain garlic tomato herb bread.
  • Becca from Crooked Gap Farm writes: “We just brought another hog back from the locker and have a number of cuts available that were not listed last month. A few of these are Iowa Chops, Butterfly Chops, Bacon, Italian Sausage, and Breakfast Sausage Patties.”
  • Yoke S Ranch added a rolled rump roast from their Corriente cattle.
  • Ebersole Cattle Company added “Pot Pies FOR Chickens” in the pet food category: “Made with our tallow, these Pot Pies include scratch grains & grit. These will keep,your girls happy & more likely to lay when there aren’t bugs and grass to eat.”
  • Weisshaar Family Farm added bone-in arm roast and bone-in chuck roast.
  • Wild Rose Pastures added pre-cooked whole smoked pasture-raised turkeys and grass-fed ground beef from their heritage belted galloway “oreo cattle” breed.
  • Wheatgrass on the Go added five-inch pots of fresh, live wheatgrass.