Fall + Holiday Dinners + Iowa Gift Shopping

1,281 Different Products Listed; Taste of Fall continues!

Many excellent choices for your food shopping needs this cycle, including holiday gifts, milk, meats, eggs, yogurt (check out the sale below), and the freshest greens available anywhere!


Valley Church can’t accommodate us again this cycle. Members who usually pick up there need to choose another location. Sorry. We’ll be back in our space there for the distribution that happens the Thursday before Thanksgiving. If it helps, our alternative pick-up is 10:30 am to noon on Saturday Nov. 8th at our Franklin Plaza site. If you decide to order and pick up on Saturday, let us know with an email to info@iowafood.coop.***

Note: the online shopping cart is open and will close Sunday, Nov. 2nd at midnight. Distribution is Thurs., Nov. 6th at our Des Moines area and Osceola sites and Friday Nov. 7th in Ames.

To shop go to https://iowafood.coop and log in. If you need help with your username or password, send an email to info@iowafood.coop.


New items to add to your shopping list:

Red Barn Produce (from Dexter) has gourmet radishes for you radish lovers, including daikon, red, and red meat; these pair well with their assortment of fresh greens, from arugula to kale.

The Kiowa House of Herbs (from Searsboro) added some new soups (think warm as it gets cold) to go along with their wide variety of jam/jellies, breads, pies, and teas.

From Amber with Good Shepard Grass Farms (from Monroe): “We added “Beef Breakfast Sausage” for the first time.  It is free of nitrates/nitrates and preservatives.  It’s $8.95/lb. From our 100% grass fed cattle.”

Griffieon Farm (from Ankeny) added two new holiday-table-worthy roasts – Boneless Beef Rib Roast and Beef Standing Rib Roast (which LaVon says are “tasty high-end roasts”).


From Julie of Zaza’s Pasta (from IA City): “Just added Butternut Squash & Sage Fettuccine, which is my all-time favorite pasta. Pumpkin Fettuccine is still available for a short while yet, too.”

Heritage Hill Farm (from Ames) added bags of mixed gourds perfect for your Fall tablescapes or decorating.

Raccoon Forks Farm (from Redfield) added arugula and onions and New Pioneer Farm (from Carlisle) added Braeburn, Fuji, and Red Delicious apples by the half bushel.

Yoke S. Ranch (from Russell) has a sale on Corriente stew meat at $5/lb–perfect timing for soup and stew season is here.

Chris’ Custom Bakery (from Ankeny) has Thanksgiving shapes for their cut-out sugar cookies; don’t forget to add a loaf of pumpkin or cranberry bread too!

Special K Ranch (from Chariton) listed a few new Texas Longhorn roasts and fillets in time for special holiday dinners.

Wilted Leaf Farm (from Des Moines) added red butterhead lettuce, green buttercrunch lettuce, and mustard greens to go with their other assortment of veggies including bunched carrots.

Wagner Enterprises (from Dallas Center) listed a new kind of gluten-free bread along with their usual array of Iowa baked goods (from angel food cake to fruit pies).

Great River Maple (from Garnavillo) has some special gift items (it’s not too early to start shopping) including a gift basket and maple syrup in decorative maple leaf bottles.

Broadhorn Farm (from near Truro) is back! Julie says, ‘After a good farmer’s market season, we are back and have (NEW) Tri-tip steak, Flanken style ribs and Petite Shoulder Tenders. We’re looking forward to working with you all again.’

Lee’s Green’s (from Nevada): “We’ve listed leaf lettuce mix, spinach, arugula, Swiss chard, baby green and red kale, mixed red and white potatoes, sweet potatoes, radishes, sweet baby white turnips, acorn squash, butternut squash, giant pink banana squash…….(the list goes on) – Check out their assortment here.

7 Pines Farm (from Maxwell) listed a wide array of Certified Organic produce including lettuce mixes, mesclun salad mix, spinach, and radishes.

Purrfect Muttchies (from Truro) continues to amaze with their pet treats; new flavors include: Moochin’ Mutt Macaroon, Rompin’ Rascal Pumpkin Rounds, and Scentsurrific Ginger Smackin’ Snaps.