Soup + baked goods + holiday turkeys are here!

1,238 Different Products Listed; Taste of Fall is HERE!

Many new items this cycle including baked goods, soups, marinara sauce, and even holiday turkeys (see below)!


Valley Church (where we normally have our West Des Moines distributions) can’t accommodate us this cycle OR the next because they need our space for other activities. Members who usually pick up there need to choose another location. Sorry. If it helps, our alternative pick-up is 10:30 am to noon on Saturday Oct. 25 at our Franklin Plaza site. If you decide to order and pick up on Saturday, let us know with an email to***

Note: the online shopping cart is open and will close Sunday, Oct. 19th at midnight. Distribution is Thurs., October 23rd at our Des Moines area and Osceola sites and Friday Oct. 24th in Ames. To shop go to and log in. If you need help with your username or password, send an email to


New items to add to your shopping list:

The Kiowa House of Herbs (from Searsboro) has their food processing plant license, so they’ve added a wide array of new products: six kinds of bread, seven kinds of pie (including parsnips and sweet potato), twelve kinds of jam/jellies, and seven kinds of soup. Amazing! 

The Threshing Floor (from Dallas Center) is back this cycle. Becky notes that they’ll be listed only the second cycle in Oct., Nov., and Dec., so please plan accordingly. Also, she’s added cornmeal dinner rolls made from organic cornmeal from Early Morning Harvest (delicious with soup).

Donna of Wagner Enterprises (from Dallas Center) notes: “I’ve listed some new products: Gluten-free sugar cookies, gluten-free sandwich bread, and gluten-free one-crust special order pies. I can do any kind of pie gluten-free just with one crust and crumbs on the top.”

7 Pines Farm (from Maxwell) has many new items you including marinara sauce in 16 oz tubs and a wide range of pork cuts from their pasture-raised Berkshire/Yorkshire crossbred hogs.

Heart of Iowa Soapworks (from Gilbert) is listing soaps for the last time. Stock up while you can! Her business is being sold, but she is going to maintain her membership because she loves the co-op.

Ebersole Cattle Co. (from Kellerton) added inventory to their famous extra-lean grassfed beef back including a new product: summer sausage.

WW Homestead Dairy (from Waukon) added limited quantities of salted butter, but they are out of unsalted butter. They have a full set of their incredible milks available in both half and whole gallon sizes.

Timber Ridge Cattle Co. (from Osceola) added peppered jerky, jalapeno summer sausage, and spicy ‘Hot Brats’ from their Swabian-cross hogs (which according to Pete are great in pasta and stir-fry dishes.

Anna’s Place Poultry (from Grimes) added free-range turkeys just in time for the holidays–order now to ensure your turkey ultra-fresh and from a local farmer!

Great River Maple (from Garnavillo) added Grade B maple syrup in limited quantities; Grade B is a darker syrup from later in the season, It’s a treat for those who know its butter-rich flavor.

Country View Dairy (from Hawkeye) has their 6 oz cases and 3 lb tubs of Greek blackberry custard yogurts on sale this cycle – this is a new variety that has gotten great reviews from people who’ve tried it.

From Mike of Salama Greenhouse (from Boone): “Our 2nd crop of orchids are blooming again, so I added them to our spinach, swiss chard, kale, and tomato offerings.” A perfect way to bring some cheer in during the colder months.

Global Greens farmers with new stuff: Jacqueline Ndabazaniye (Dry ‘Tongue of Fire’ beans), Simon Bucumi (Rutabaga), and Etiene Hacimana (Kennebec potatoes, red onion).

Purrfect Muttchies (from Truro) “I updated all the recipes with the new flour, which is Wheat and dairy free (Gluten Free) and added a Chinese marinade for the Jerky.” Pet-friendly treats for humans, too!

Yoke S Ranch (from Russell) put their NY Strip steaks on sale for $10/lb.

Dangood Gardens (from Johnston) is offering ‘Mother of Thousands’ houseplants along with two kinds of Japanese shiso (a culinary herb used in stir-fries or on sandwiches). 

Lee’s Greens (from Nevada) listed lettuce, spinach, baby red and green kale, arugula, potted herbs, and winter squash. Lee notes they’ll probably add some radishes and turnips later this week.