Cart is Open – Blackberries, Bacon Gouda, and More!

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The online shopping cart is open. To shop go to and log in. If you need help with your username or password, send an email to The online cart will close Sunday, Aug. 23 at midnight. Distribution is Thurs., Aug. 27 at all our sites except Ames, which is on Friday, Aug. 28.

Below are updates from our producers. As we move through the growing season, producers continue to add new items throughout the week, so be sure to check back often. You can click here to see new products added since last cycle!

NOTE: We have home delivery in the Des Moines area. Three home delivery products (based on your distance from our Franklin Avenue location) are listed under Iowa Food Cooperative products. Deliveries are from 6-9 pm on distribution Thursdays. If you want home delivery, choose “Franklin Plaza (Delivery)” as your Pickup/Delivery location when you open your shopping basket and put the appropriate product in your shopping cart. Here’s a map to help know which product to purchase.

Also, our 2015 calendar is available in a PDF (click to view).


Riverview Berry Farms (West Bend) is back with their fresh-picked blackberries. We remember these from last summer – really nice, large berries – you won’t be disappointed.

From Charlie with Timberlea Farm (Boone): “We have an excellent aronia berry crop that we try to make them affordable ($8 for 5 lbs or $3.25/quart) so anyone can try them. They are often called the “superberry” because of their health benefits.”

From Ben with Wabi Sabi Farm (Des Moines): “I’ve listed the last of the Certified Organic Red Skinned Potatoes and added Certified Organic ‘German Butterball’ Potatoes, Certified Organic soft neck garlic (Inchellium) and Certified Organic hard neck garlic (Chesnok Red).”

New Family Farm (Elkhart) added Nicola and Sangre potatoes, Cory Family Farm (Elkhart) added Yukon Gold potatoes, and Wilted Leaf Farm (Cambridge) added Kennebec and “Magic Molly” blue potatoes – blue skin, blue flesh with (Jason says) an awesome taste. 

Country Roads Produce (Moravia) added sweet mini snack peppers and onions. Their tomatoes are slowing down and they didn’t list many snack peppers (they’re already all gone – sorry) because they aren’t sure how they’ll ripen. If it looks like they’ll have more, they’ll add them during the week.

From Julie with Zaza’s Pasta (Iowa City): “Just wanted to let you know that I’ve re-listed my products and all my dry pastas have a new LOWER price.”

Frisian Farms Cheese (Oskaloosa) added some new gouda cheeses – two sizes of a bacon gouda and one called “Frisian Farms Sneek” (aged 1,000 days – can’t wait to try it).

Namaste Gardens (Des Moines) added shallots and garlic and Bucumi Simon (Des Moines) added leeks and shallots.

Yoke S Ranch (Russell) has their New York Strip steak on sale for this cycle at $9.00/lb.