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Wonderful Winter Skin Survival

Winter dryness does not have to mean dry skin:   by Stephanie Tang (pictured above), owner of Wonderful Skin Care   With dry, winter weather, we lose a lot of moisture, which can be particularly noticeable in the form of dry skin. Harsh soa ...[more]

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–Welcome: Mushroom Mills (Oyster + Lion’s Mane) –Yellow River Dairy goat milk butter –Dozens of vegetable transplants –Flower + herb transplants –TONS of fresh greens –All Popsie Fish Co. salmon, $1 off/lb

The Local Thanksgiving Pledge

We are inviting new members to shop for free and use our handy Thanksgiving shopping list to plan a natural and local feast using items from Iowa farmers and producers. To join the challenge and to exchange your cash for fresh, local food, new buyers ...[more]